The Story of....

Connie, a wretched arrogant workaholic who’s lost her mind trying to hate Christmas and convince everyone she has a perfect life… Her pompous attitude gets shut down when she loses the only thing that matters anymore, her reputation. Reluctantly she receives help from angels who find her to be an impossible task. Through random circumstances, she crosses paths with, an old friend battling cancer, a single widowed masseuse she has mistreated for years, and 2 whacky, comedic burglars fighting to save their ranch. Their strife filled lives intertwine resulting in a magical journey to save Christmas and each other.

Ensemble Cast

ETM Pictures

Stephanie Garvin

Writer, Producer, and Director

Stephanie Garvin is a producer and founder of ETM pictures a production company that focuses on inspiring stories promoting human growth. “I am always looking for a way to make the world a better place,” she says, “I live here too!”

Most recently, Stephanie contributed to the award-winning film, The Trial of the Chicago 7, crediting her as a Co Executive Producer.

Stephanie loves supporting and collaborating with other film professionals in the industry and combining her knowledge as an entrepreneur and financial advisor with the creativity of bringing ideas to life. “Creating something from nothing is my specialty!” She proudly claims.

Stephanie is on the Board of the Burbank International Film Festival, has 2 children and a wonderful dogs named Tank, Ziggy and Teddly. She resides in Beverly Hills, CA and is a Patron member of Women in Film.